White Pigeon for Nichole!

This site was a gift from my wonderful friends at PrarieDoves.com. A BIG THANKS to them for getting me started!

The term or name of White Doves when used in conversation with wedding, funeral, or event releases refers to Pigeons. Actual doves do not have a homing instinct, and would not be able to find their way home if they were let loose.

But pigeons are very talented. They do have an ability to orient themselves and return to their home loft. Some have been known to fly hundreds of miles. What an amazing bunch of birds!

Pigeons come in many colors and varieties. They have been selectively bred over centuries and were used to pass messages from castle to castle, from war room to base, as a food source for families (and not only during the Great Depression in the USA), as a hobby competing fancy varieties at shows, and at present day, a select group of folks still keep the heritage alive by raising pigeons with some or all of these purposes in mind.

Today most White Doves are used at ceremonies, but the work behind that short release is monumental. We have learned much caring for our little feathered flock, and hope to share it with you too.

More to come!

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-- The White Dove Release TN Team
Mon, 08 Aug 2011 14:36:55 -0400