I got started in pigeons when I fell in love with a pair of purple and white rollers. But I wasn't fast enough; a guy bought them before I did. The seller must have felt sorry for the kid who 'liked the pretty birds' - the next time I saw him, he made sure he brought me a purple and white. He didn't have a pair for it, so instead, he gave me a Mookie with similar colors. I may not have known what a Mookie was, and if you had asked me then what a squeaker was, I'd have pointed to my sister -- but I was hooked.

My interest in pigeons has expanded to learning more about racing and the beautiful White Dove Release.

I have satinettes, roller, and mookie mixes now. I am looking to add a pair of racing pigeons to the loft, as well as Texan Pioneer Pigeons - an auto sexing utility breed with incredible beauty.