Meet the Flight Crew here at WhiteDoveReleaseTN:

Mookie and Roller pigeons
This is the pair that started it all for us. A Roller and a Mookie.

Mookie x Roller cross pigeons in carrier
These are some of their offspring.

Later we introduced a large white grizzled feather footed cock, Seagull. This is one of his daughters:

Fonzi the fancy pigeon
Fonzi --- see'The Hair'? Turned out, Fonzi is a SHE. Oh well, the name stuck.

I've been told Pigeons mate for life. Seagull has NOT heard this; we're pretty sure he has sat at least once with ever hen we own. This is further verified by our previously predominantly purple flock turning out an entire crop of white speckled squabs shortly after he arrived. He is a busy, busy guy.